Housing Organizing

The Northwest Side Housing Center (NWSHC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the community we serve, especially those struggling with housing issues. Whether residents are having trouble with affordability of housing, vacant properties, or foreclosure, we strive to unite those who are facing issues and deal with these problems together.

The NWHSC knows that when homeowners face difficulties in maintaining a home they often feel embarrassed, hopeless, isolated and alone. To help break this loneliness in our communities, we regularly engage current and past housing counseling clients and concerned neighborhood residents to form a housing committee. The housing committee regularly meets with elected officials and banking executives at all levels, and brings attention to these issues to the general public. The NWSHC also provides training to residents on public speaking, negotiations, power, self-interest and the process of escalation. This aids in group cohesiveness, collective power, and personal empowerment while identifying leaders in the community.

Learn more or join the housing committee today by contacting Ernie Lukasik at elukasik@nwshc.org.