Older Adult Organizing

The NWSHC organizes older adults in affordable senior residences, in neighborhoods on the northwest side of Chicago, and around fighting elder financial abuse. As our community continues to age, we believe working with older adults is of vital importance. For more information on our Older Adult Organizing contact Elaine Bellis at ebellis@nwshc.org.

Tenant Organizing in Affordable Senior Residences

The NWSHC has been organizing at The Montclare Senior Residences since 2008, meeting with adult residents monthly around issues facing building residents. The experience has empowered many residents to demand change from building management throughout the years, improving the quality of life at the large-scale, affordable housing development for residents. Residents have pushed for and received new sidewalks, new fitness equipment, visitor signage and new safety initiatives, among other things at the residency.

Age-Friendly Banking and Fighting Elder Fraud

The NWSHC organizes seniors around issues of age-friendly banking and financial abuse and fraud. The initiative is a fairly new endeavor for our organization, but we have held older adult forums around the issue and are in talks with banking institutions pushing for more age-friendly accommodations. Our goal is also to educate homeowners so they are able to notice red-flags and warning signs of financial abuse.