MLK Day Reflection

James Rudyk, Executive Director
Jan 15, 2018

MLK Day Reflection

For me, Dr. King’s legacy teaches us three important things: 

1. Leadership starts with the leader. 
Dr. King personified a leader through constantly challenging himself to be the best and lead by example. Dr. King never asked anyone to do something he himself did not do. He lead by example, up to and including getting arrested. He marched beside everyone, never in front of anyone. While he was the spokesperson of Civil Rights he had a strong, often more talented team of leaders behind him. He was deeply aware he couldn't do it alone and made sure he was a leader by example to bring people along with him. 

2. Intersectionality. 
An often overlooked part of Dr King’s work was his fight for economic justice and workers rights. King was murdered fighting for sanitation worker rights not civil rights. King was acutely aware of how issues of race, class, gender, and socioeconomic status are all linked together. He realized that justice includes helping the poor and often overlooked. This value guided his work in all aspects. He was unwilling to compromise on this value.   

3. Service to others.  
Finally, I am constantly reminded and humbled of Dr. King’s service to others. He spent his entire life serving other people. Despite his own wife, children, and family, he took care of others. In some small way, this parallels our work and all of the sacrifices we make daily in service to others. King gives us a role model for how to never judge others but instead embrace them. He reminds us to show up and serve others everyday, especially when we don't want to.  

I hope you find this short tribute fitting and meaningful for our continued work together. 

Laura Slabaugh