How Women Forward Chicago Helped End Bullying at Home

Women Forward Chicago is a Latina-centered financial education program designed to create a safe space to set goals and build financial confidence. Beyond budgeting and credit building, this program aims to empower women to become even stronger leaders in their communities and homes. 

The following reflection was written anonymously by a Women Forward Chicago 2018 graduate: 

"Attending Carmen’s Women Forward Chicago class helped my family a lot, we learned so much, but one of the classes that I put into practice the same day was about bullying.

I remember a Saturday before going to class I heard my husband calling our daughter “gordita,” then her siblings started to call her “gordita” as well. I listened to them all laughing at her, and told them it was not right. I was very mad at them, but my daughter did not seem to mind.

It was an eye opener and a wake up call for me, [Carmen] taught us how to identify a bullying situation and how to face it and how to help a bullied person, in this case my daughter.

When I came back home I shared with my husband what I just learned. Although he did not attend the class, he understood what he was doing was wrong and was very sorry for what he did to his own daughter and to our children— he was creating bullies.

Now the family dynamic has changed. He is very careful of what comes out of his mouth and he knows that it can affect their self-esteem. He enrolled the kids in sport and helps the coaches, and we all go to the park to see them play. They interact very well with other kids, and now, my husband is more aware of what the kids need and he no longer says anything negative. He motivates them a lot so they can succeed in their sports.

I truly believe that this class made a huge change in our lives. It would have been a different story if he kept bullying our children. We have to stop bullying from happening. If we hear or see something we don’t like, we have to talk about it. And that starts in our house."

Laura Slabaugh