Community Organizing

Our work began in housing, but we’ve learned that to create stable housing, we need stable communities. We organize around issues of youth, older adults, education, and housing. 

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We empower youth to be change-makers. Our Youth Organizing programs provide young adults with financial education, connections to community leaders, and tools to organize around issues they care about. In 2017, we worked with community partners to launch Building Resilience in Belmont Cragin, a coalition to address childhood adversity, promote healing, and build resilience in our community.


As Belmont Cragin’s population ages, organizing around issues impacting older adults is vital. The NWSHC organizes older adults around issues of age-friendly banking, financial abuse & fraud, and safety.

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This is the only organization where I see the community takes command.
— Jose, Community Leader



We believe that when parents, students, and school leaders work together, we can improve the quality of education in Belmont Cragin's public schools. We work to improve the lives of youth and families through expanded educational, arts & cultural, athletic, and leadership development opportunities. 
Drawing largely from parents in our Parent Mentor Program, we’ve been able to empower parents and students to fight for change in their child’s school.


Since our founding in 2003, the root of our mission has been in the home. We serve and unite folks struggling with housing issues. Whether it’s unaffordability, property taxes, or foreclosure, we empower community members to use their collective voices to seek solutions and make change.

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In 2015, the NWSHC became the lead agency of the Belmont-Cragin Quality of Life Plan (QLP). The mission of the QLP is to further the growth of Belmont-Cragin as a united, vibrant and diverse community. Over 600 community residents and stakeholders identified four issue areas that guide our work:

  1. Affordable Housing
  2. Businesses and Jobs
  3. Education and Youth
  4. Health and Older Adults