Hard Lens Media: "Marisela Estrada, Parent, on the Threat of a Local Charter School"

One of our Parent Mentors, Marisela Estrada, sat down with Kit Cabello of Hard Lens Media to discuss the threat of the proposed Moving Everest 2 Charter School.

The proposed community where Moving Everest 2 is slated to open is already home to 18 other schools, some of which are currently under-enrolled and many others are higher-performing Level 1 and Level 1+. The current Moving Everest charter school is currently a level 2+ school, and has been criticized by CPS for being ill-equipped to accommodate non-English speaking students. On top of that, the entire school proposal is in clear violation of the no-charter expansion plan developed by Northwest side residents and leaders that has been in place and honored by CPS since 2015. 

Laura Slabaugh